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Faucet Claims

Claim free money by clicking claim every time round that has been determined.

Surf Ads

Earn free money by surfing ads from our advertisers.


Earn huge amount of free money by completing shortlinks.

Wheel of fortunes

Spin the wheel and try your luck at getting the prizes.


Complete offers and get paid higher than all available features.

Instant Payments

Very low minimum only $0.01 and get paid instantly for withdraw.


Frequently asked questions by our users in using site

Is it available worldwide?

Yes, is available in every country for free.

We only allow one account to register from one ip or device, you can get banned if you force to do that.

We don't allow it, our site will automatically block access from Proxy/VPN networks.

As an understanding of the problem, please do not log in from public internet networks such as internet cafes and public wifi.

Please contact us immediately to explain the problem, so we can look into it and decide to open your account.

Supported Currencies

  • USDT
  • BTC
  • BNB
  • LTC

All Payout History

# Wallet Amount Time
1717nj******gmail.com0.00000044 BTC21 Hours, 1 Minute ago
1716nj******gmail.com0.00000037 BTC2 Days, 17 Minutes ago
1715ta******[email protected]0.00018482 LTC2 Days, 5 Hours ago
1714nj******gmail.com0.00000037 BTC3 Days, 2 Hours ago
1713di******[email protected]0.00000075 BTC3 Days, 19 Hours ago
1712nj******gmail.com0.00000038 BTC4 Days, 16 Hours ago
1711Lo******[email protected]0.00000638 BTC4 Days, 21 Hours ago
1710di******[email protected]0.00000075 BTC5 Days, 2 Hours ago
1709nj******gmail.com0.00000038 BTC5 Days, 21 Hours ago
1708di******[email protected]0.00000076 BTC6 Days, 19 Hours ago
1707nj******gmail.com0.00000039 BTC1 Week, 46 Minutes ago
1706di******[email protected]0.00000076 BTC1 Week, 1 Day ago
1705ni******[email protected]0.00100416 BNB1 Week, 1 Day ago
1704nj******gmail.com0.00000038 BTC1 Week, 1 Day ago
1703nj******gmail.com0.00000038 BTC1 Week, 2 Days ago
1702di******[email protected]0.00000077 BTC1 Week, 2 Days ago
1701do******[email protected]0.00000061 BTC1 Week, 3 Days ago
1700nj******gmail.com0.00000043 BTC1 Week, 3 Days ago
1699di******[email protected]0.00000078 BTC1 Week, 4 Days ago
1698nj******gmail.com0.00000042 BTC1 Week, 5 Days ago


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